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The Day: October 19, 2017
The Year: Nov 2017 – Nov 2018


Columbia Tower Club
Seattle, WA


Emerging Executives

About the Lab

Elevating the mindset of emerging executives, who will be the thought leaders and industry shapers of future C-Suites – to think from the CEO’s perspective. LL19 is an invite-only educational, networking and leadership experience, not a one-time event. CEOs nominate their rock-star, emerging executives who convene as part of a highly curated, exclusive peer community of emerging executives hand-picked by their CEOs.

“LL19 is truly an innovative leadership event. It goes beyond the theory and philosophy of leadership by transforming into actual leadership practice. It is the most practical leadership development program that I am aware of.”

– Brian Stading, President NW Region, CenturyLink

The Inspiration

From the CEO’s Perspective

A CEO hopes that his or her executive team has the skills and mindset to see from the CEO’s perspective. That’s not something taught in an MBA program, but it can be learned.

“What excites me about the Leadership Lab is the opportunity for leaders to learn at top-speed, not only during the day but throughout the year. And to do it among other rising executives in Seattle who are future CEOs.”

– John Oppenheimer, CEO, Columbia Hospitality

The Day – LL19

October 19, 2017

Part 1 – LL19 is a day-long leadership performance lab. Executives are assigned to a Leadership Advisory Board (L.A.B.), formed from diverse function areas such as finance, marketing, HR, governance – to understand the “whole system” from which the CEO sees. You will work in a team-format to develop individual leadership performance plans, guided by a professional dream-team of executive coaches facilitating working sessions.

The Year – The L.A.B.

Nov 2017 – Nov 2018

LL19 is the stepping-off point. The next step is The Year experience of working with your L.A.B. Executives opt-in before or after October 19th to their assigned L.A.B. and continue the year-long program in an executive coach-facilitated, peer coaching model. The L.A.B. provides support, offers diverse thinking, serves as professional resources, and are steadfast confidants.

 Your L.A.B. meets for six sessions over 12 months and includes two additional executive learning sessions and exclusive networking events.