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OCT 2019


Seattle, WA



How to Attend

LL19 is an invite-only educational, networking and leadership experience for growth-minded executives who are the thought leaders and industry shapers in future C-Suites.


The executive performance program convenes a highly curated, exclusive peer community and is designed to expand executive’s leadership capacity and raise their thinking altitude to lead from the CEO’s perspective.

The 12-month executive performance program is comprised of skill-building, executive coaching and peer-to-peer networking and performance development.


The ROI is higher levels of thinking and improved leadership impact because of deepened self-awareness, intensified self-management, stronger executive presence, heightened emotional intelligence, and an expanded capacity to lead other leaders.

The executive performance program is by invitation only and is limited to sixteen executives. Priority is given to CEOs with executives enrolled in the current LL19 cohort.
CEOs may select up to 2 highly-regarded, executives who hold an equivalent title/experience to vice president and meet the criteria below. Executives must be committed to the executive performance program in its entirety which includes:

Focused awareness of themselves as leaders and their approach to leadership
Growth-minded to bridge their skill gaps in order to have the impact they’re capable of having
Attending all sessions
Accountability to cohort and coaches

Criteria for Attending


Equivalent title to vice president or above. (Consideration given for senior directors with strong CEO endorsement).


Committed to the process of understanding and developing self-awareness and influence to contribute to the growth of others and the success of the organization.


Have the hunger, curiosity and will to be the thought leaders and industry shapers of the future.

LeadershipLab19 Cost

 The 2018-19 cohort is by invitation only and limited to 16 executives. Priority is given to CEOs with executives enrolled in the current LL19 cohort. CEOs may select up to 2 highly-regarded executives

$10,500 per executive

Once enrolled, each executive:

Completes pre-screen phone interview
Completes online Executive Profile Assessment

Receives Executive Leadership Report
Receives personal Executive Session Debrief with Teri Citterman

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Increase your capacity as a leader and elevate the quality of your thinking from the CEO’s perspective.

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Key Benefits

  • Supportive cohort of leaders all at the same altitude providing a multi-perspective peer sounding board
  • Increased accountability for performance results
  • Improved internal confidence and external presence
  • Greater self-recognition and self-management of unique strengths
  • Increased team engagement and accountability
  • Support in assessing risk, making decisions, and advancing initiatives faster
  • Activated powerbase for increased influence
  • Understanding of how you’re perceived, where skill gaps exist

Why Engage

Elegant Outcome for CEOs

Executives lead from a higher altitude by thinking from the CEO’s perspective. This leads to accelerated dot-connecting, more confident risk-assessment, and maximized impact that benefits the whole organization.

Elegant Outcome for Executives

Greater accountability and success. More time gained to focus on people and problem solving, higher levels of productivity, increased influence, accelerated promotions, and delighted customers resulting in higher profitability.