Founder’s Message

Leaders must have the courage to see and say what others fear; to stand in the center of the fire, sit with the discomfort of doing hard things, and live with the power that comes from both failure and success. That’s courage.

The LeadershipLab19 is for the difference makers – the thought leaders and industry shapers of our future C-Suites and our world. Why number 19? Because 19 is the number of destiny – courage, independence and leadership.

The inspiration came from two different conversations. In my coaching and conversations with CEOs, I’d frequently sense consternation. It was clear that if a CEO’s executive team and organization leaders could elevate their thinking to see from the CEO’s perspective, dots could connect faster, risk would be better evaluated, and decisions would be made that ultimately could benefit the whole-company. Well heck! I wrote that book! Seems like an area where I could help.

At the same time, several individual executives in HR, finance, technology, marketing and operations approached me asking if I knew of any peer-to-peer circles they could join. I didn’t, so I did some research and didn’t find any great options for them. Not to mention, they were looking for groups that were diverse in function – not singularly for marketing or HR. The notion of that diverse thinking intrigued me, and I knew I could help with that too.

I wondered what would be possible if I blended these two data points into an experience that combined skill-building with a “thinking team” that serves as a personal and professional growth resource. CEOs and CFOs understand the value of these peer advisory groups, and commonly get it through organizations like Young Professional’s Organization (YPO). But this is an uncommon model for other functional leaders.

So, I’m relying on my personal network of CEOs to hand-select those executives with the right experience, the right mindset, and the hunger to do great things. 

Lastly, much gratitude to the leaders in my world – the CEOs, whom I am honored to call friends, and my colleagues and other clients; my amazing LL19 advisory council; our dream-team of executive coach facilitators and panelists and our generous sponsors. All of you whom supported, encouraged and challenged my thinking – you are all the true Difference Makers and I am grateful.

~Teri Citterman